An Extract from my Diary – Gratitude List – 11.2.17

Ever written a Gratitude List? It’s the best medicine I have ever found.

Here’s one of mine from back in India in February. I just found it in my diary. It’s been a helpful guide for me today.

I highly recommend putting pen to paper and writing, with your hand (left or right), whatever comes. Your thoughts, your feelings, your intentions, your dreams, your fears. Write it down, burn what you don’t need, and occasionally check in to see where you’re at.

Did you manifest your dreams?

Start with a Gratitude List. 3 things a day. Write them down before you go to sleep.

Then watch the magic unfold.

With love, always, O x


I am grateful for …

  1. Bird’s kindness & generosity in helping me settle in & feel at home.
  2. Bird surprising me with such a thoughtful & helpful offer to come with me to Goa to collect my things.
  3. The Universal Guidance which brought me away from Goa to Gokarna, an opportune place to be at peace, alone / with similar vibrational people, where I can exercise, live simply, make things, practice yoga, work / share my healing journey, talk, write, swim, sing, dance, and so much more (the things that make my heart smile). :)
  4. Happy Harry’s yoga class this morning. Reminding me that despite how I beat myself up for my lack of practice, I have progressed a lot since my last class with him 3 years ago.
  5. The perspective given on my broken bones, broken heart & other traumas through reading Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, watching various YouTube videos & meeting others who have had similar or worse stories. It’s good to share my story.
  6. Bird’s & my shared story. I like having someone I can open to who listens to me and has similar experiences. She empathises and has solutions which make sense to me.
  7. The sound of the waves outside all around me 24-7
  8. Getting back to writing. This could be the place … I had been dreaming of a beach to start my book hadn’t I …
  9. Work opportunities coming up: Trish, Obonjan, Dolores, Meadows.
  10. Sylvie for reminding me about gratitude lists :)

Olivia and Bird


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