If I were running for PM I would …

These times are certainly challenging. Staying on the side of Love, rather than Fear, takes commitment. I’ve been processing this a lot over the last week, in light of the incidents which occurred in Manchester and London recently.

Please note, I don’t like to refer to these incidents as terror attacks, as the word ‘terror’ is, well ‘terrifying’, and the last thing we need in today’s world is more fear. In order to change our world, we MUST stay in the heart. Words and ideas, when internalised repeatedly, have a huge impact on our minds, affecting our belief systems, actions, and reactions, as individuals and a collective. So I would like to change the rhetoric.

If we are to change our world, which I believe the overwhelming majority of human beings on this planet do, we must look to loving solutions to today’s problems. We must change this dialogue of fear, internally (in our minds) and externally (in conversations, especially online). The reason is simple …

FEAR breads hate, separation, panic, poor decision-making, violence, anger, greed, jealousy – all those painful emotions and actions which we KNOW, through our own experience, do not serve us. LOVE, on the other hand, is the absence of fear. Love, the frequency of the heart (which has its own brain by the way!) emits a healing frequency that allows for understanding, compassion, collaboration, intimacy, forgiveness, and unity. It is these values that will shape our new world.

In light of the upcoming UK elections (the campaign though suspended by the incumbent party due to incidents in London) I thought I would write down my own manifesto, from the heart, for our world.

Please try it yourself too! We all live on this planet and we should all have an equal say in determining its future. That’s what I believe.

So, here goes … in no particular order :

My Manifesto for a New, United, Peaceful World

  1. AHIMSA. My one ‘rule’ for us as a global society would be for all human beings to practice ‘Ahimsa‘ – non-violence to oneself, or others. Including our Planet. Of course this relies on equal access to resources, free and equal education and healthcare for All, and other basic human rights, which I’ll cover below.
  2. NO BORDERS. I never grasped the idea of national borders as a child, and now an avid traveler, my passport is my most valued possession. It would be nice to bypass the long immigration queues, masses of fear-inducing armed guards, and huge walls, and be allowed to travel Planet Earth without restriction. The freedom to travel and live wherever one wants in the world is to me a fundamental human right.
  3. FREE AND EQUAL ACCESS TO OUR NATURAL RESOURCES FOR ALL. The World’s natural resources are running out. No seriously, they are about to run out. Oil takes millions of years to form under the ground and it’s almost gone. And no, our governments do not have another solution in place. So wouldn’t it be fair and just for us All to use what’s left on an equal basis? (And then work together to find solutions that last?)
  4. FREE AND EQUAL CREATIVE EDUCATION FOR ALL. ‘All’ meaning every Human Being on this planet. ‘Creative’ meaning a flexible, ever-changing approach which allows children the freedom of choice over what they learn, in ways that stimulate their creativity. Creative minds are needed to shape our brighter future.
  5. MEDITATION FOR ALL, including in ALL SCHOOLS, HOSPITALS, HOSPICES, CARE HOMES & PRISONS. Because, quite simply, if you do not learn to look inside, you will never access your full potential. Meditation has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, aid concentration, increase productivity and creativity, and reduce violence and crime. Find out more here.
  6. TOTAL DISARMAMENT WORLDWIDE. You cannot fight fire with fire. History and Present Day are a gruesome and real testament to this. We will not end ‘terror’ in this world – in our minds or in our physical world – by talking about killing each other, by owning and using firearms, by allowing the police to shoot-and-kill, and by debating in Parliament about whether or not to exterminate the entire Human Race with nuclear weapons. Enough is enough. Let’s try something ‘new‘.
  7. All money currently spent on producing weapons, training the military, and drafting defense policy will be reallocated into the below avenues, for the betterment of All sentient beings on this planet. (See point 8.) In the UK that amounts to 48 BILLION DOLLARS a year. In the USA, a whopping 611 BILLION DOLLARS per yer. Wow. Just think what we could do with all that money for the good of mankind.
  8. KEY INVESTMENTS (time, money, research) FOR OUR FUTURE: #1 The future of our Planet and life on Earth. #2 Redistribution of our world’s resources to be fair and just for All. #3 Research into consciousness-expanding drugs and plant medicine – to eventually replace pharmaceutical medicine which relies on the Oil industry to survive (Oil is running out, remember). #4 New and radical models to be debated and voted on – by us All – with the primary aim for humanity to survive, and THRIVE.

I like the number 8, so I’ll stop there …

What do you think? Utopian? Unrealistic? Bloody fantastic?! Let me know in the comments. But no hate please. Only love.

I truly believe we can make this world a better place – if we stay in the heart. We must recognise the disastrous effects of fear on our health and our future existence, and learn methods to reconnect with our true nature – love. Change starts within each and every one of us.

Eternal love, O x

John Lennon Love and Fear

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