The truth about oil

Although people are beginning to give oil based cleansers and moisturisers a go as more enter the beauty market, I think the general perception remains that oil clogs your pores and gives you spots. It is counter-intuitive for us to put oil on our face when we’ve been told for so long that oily skin […]

Homemade Face Scrub

I just did something I can’t believe I’ve never done before. I whipped up my own little homemade exfoliator in my kitchen which took all of 30 seconds to make and did an absolutely amazing job! Why have I never done this before?!! The problem is I’m really quite lazy when it comes to my […]

Sugar Diet Fail

For anyone that pays attention to my twitter ramblings, you’ll already know that I have failed my month long quest to give up sugar. Will power let me down and a variety of chocolate covered delights led me astray. I lasted two and a half weeks – so not too pitiful – but not what […]

Jason Sunbrellas Facial Sunblock Review

First of all, let me apologise for my MIA from blogging for the last couple of weeks. The reasons being are as follows: too much work, too tired due to too much work, and too much work (did I mention too much work?) Anyway…somewhere in between working I did get out in the sun last […]

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