You Have a Purpose

I was standing in the kitchen a little while earlier making myself my third lemon, ginger and honey hot drink of the day. Nursing a cold, having gone out at the weekend and just moved house, it’s now Wednesday afternoon and my week has been low on the productivity front. While my pace of life […]

Where I am Now

I thought I should write a quick update. In fact I feel the need to write a lot. So much though, that it is impossible for me to find the words. Because actually it is not possible to describe what I feel, have seen and experienced in the past few weeks, months even. India has […]

Letting Go of Anger

Today is the birthday of someone who’s very special to me but also someone with whom the relationship certainly hasn’t always been easy. We’ve had our ups as downs, shall we say… So, it seems like an appropriate time to write about a topic I’ve been pondering over for a while now – letting go […]

Do Nothing – a Lesson in Zen

I’m reading a fantastic book at the moment called Zen and the Art of Falling in Love, by Brenda Shosanna (I highly recommend!) The book talks about Zen teachings and then applies this to modern life,  in particular, to romantic relationships. It is really insightful into the way we are in relationships: generally needy, feeling we […]

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