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I thought I should write a quick update. In fact I feel the need to write a lot. So much though, that it is impossible for me to find the words. Because actually it is not possible to describe what I feel, have seen and experienced in the past few weeks, months even. India has changed me. It has awakened in me an internal knowing of who I am and the world around me, beyond the physical realm, which makes who I was when I wrote my last post seem like only a fraction of the person I am now, in this moment. Does that make sense?

Maybe not. But maybe some of you reading will read this and understand what I mean… I’m with many such people right now – all of us, found somehow, together, connected, with open hearts, and in a process of unravelling of who we are. Learning about ourselves, learning to love ourselves, connecting with the earth and the beauty of nature around us. Feeling our connection to this planet, to the energy all around us – in the plants, in the trees, in the air… Feeling the need to explore, to play, to touch, to feel… Feeling alive in every moment, our eyes glistening with wonder at all that is around us and all that is inside us. Our connection to the earth propelling us up to a deeper, wider, unknown in the sky. Feeling like we are at the centre of the Universe, the answers mirrored in each other, in the sun and the moon, the earth and the sky. Feeling each like a planet in the solar system, always shifting, always changing, each connected by incredible force, each symbiotically part of an ever-evolving system of energy…each unique yet together whole…the power of one both inside us and externally felt…

If you think I’ve lost my mind you’re probably right. I have. I surrendered. I let go of my mind and instead I felt, fully, present, at peace, one, connected with the moment. Each moment. Until I lost sense of time and space, and I felt, only, existence. Eternity. Bliss.

Because I’ve been so lost in the moment I’ve been unable to connect with the ‘real world’. Blogging has seemed impossible. (This is only a stop-gap into what I hope will be some very interesting content!) But I have felt compelled to take pictures. I started to see each moment as an opportunity to capture the magic around me. And the camera seemed to get it too. Everyone I meet here has said these photos speak magic to them. It’s not the real thing, but it helps…

If you want to see I’m on Instagram (Livwood05) and still uploading the journey. It was at its peak a couple of days ago when my two dear friends and teachers left to return to England. The energy that day was electric. Each moment was pure bliss. I tracked our journey throughout the day, with the photos, I think, showing the love and connectivity we all felt, and the energy in the nature around us reflected our bond.

Perhaps some of these pictures will help to convey the feeling we had that day, and before, and since. The feeling of magic in every moment. The feeling of knowing, of acceptance, of surrender. Of every one and every thing connected by our vibrations with all around us, past, present and future.

Namaste x

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