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Welcome, friends. My name is Olivia Wood.

I started Healing Beauty in 2010 when I first became interested in alternative health and natural beauty. My intention was to find alternatives to chemical-ridden products to use on my skin. Being pretty disillusioned with Western medicine (and Western society’s attitude to wellbeing in general), I was interested in learning about more holistic ways of looking after myself.

I have tried and tested many natural beauty products, alternative treatments and practices since then, in London, India, Ibiza, Thailand and around the world, while pursuing another of my passions – travel.

I have been on quite a journey in the past few years of self-inquiry, healing, and transformation. I am dedicated to my continuing my own journey and sharing it with you here.

I am also dedicated to sharing the healing journeys of other seekers like me and to sharing my network of healers with anyone out there in need of healing (isn’t that us all?)

While you may find occasional product reviews on this site, the focus now is on alternative medicine, self-healing practices, yoga, meditation, holistic healing modalities, psychedelic drugs, shamanism, plant medicine, plant-based diet, nutrition, self-love, Tantra, and SO MUCH MORE.

Since 2015 I have had my own healing business – Olivia Wood Healing. I am a qualified yoga teacher, advanced Raynor Therapeutic massage practitioner, a trained Doula, Transformational Facilitator, Reiki and Kundalini energy healer. (Told you I’ve been on a journey ! … and it still just feels like the beginning.)


To book an appointment with me, get me on Facebook or Instagram – links below.

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14 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Olivia,
    I just read your great kundalini article on flip chart. I want you to know about my work and books as I am certain you will get requests for help from others who see your article, I am a transpersonal psychologist and non-dual teacher who has written and specialized in spiritual emergence issues in the U.S. (With many clients in Europe) for over 30 years, following my own experience of awakening. My websites are kundaliniguide.com and awakeningguide.com and I have two new books on amazon with the same titles. I originally published “Energies of Transformation: A Guide to the Kundalini Process” based on my doctoral research 20 years ago and have worked with several thousands of people over the years. My books are self help guides for people stuck or concerned while in this process and address many issues that arise. It is wonderful that you moved so fully into an awakened realization. Many people need help with this and I expect you will find ways to assist them. Please do check out my work. Have a wonderful time with your fresh awareness. You may want to connect with Rupert Spira and Jeff Foster, both awakened non dual teachers who live in the U.K. If I can be of any help to you let me know. Blessings, Bonnie Greenwell.

    • Hi Bonnie. Thank you for your message! I will certainly check out your websites and books. I follow Jeff already actually on Facebook. Thanks for all the advice. I’m overwhelmed at the response on elephant journal to the article – so heart-warming to see others share their similar stories and feel I can help in some way open a dialogue that unites us in this journey x
      P.S. love that your comment came in at 11.11 ;)

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  3. Your blog is FILLED with great information! I love it and can spend hours lost in your site!

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    Warm Regards,

    Rachel Johnsen

    • Taking a break from blogging… i am traveling at the moment in South America! Maybe I will be back with treats from this continent in the future :) Hope you are well!

  4. I loved your review on Tiger balm. I actually use tiger balm for muscle aches, hand no idea it could be used as an insect repellant as well

  5. Hi, I’m trying to replace all my skincare with natural products so I’m enjoying reading through your blog for recommendations. Thanks, I’m looking forward to reading more.

  6. Really good piece on the Mac/Ciudad Juarez incident.

    I too have read a fair bit on CJ and was rather appalled by Mac and Rodarte.

    Well written and well said!

    p.s. I seem to have a problem finding you on twitter, what’s your @?

  7. This looks great Olivia, very excited to read all your tips!!

  8. Hello Olivia!! Wow…lots of stuff to read here!! Fun! Good luck with this new venture!!

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