My First Article on Elephant Journal! (and The Healing Network)

So, this is pretty exciting… I’ve been published on Elephant Journal, which if you don’t know is THE website for yoga, mindfulness, (‘non new-agey’) spirituality, and conscious living. I read it all the time, and if you’re into any of the above, you probably do too. So I would MOST appreciate it if you popped over there and gave my article a gander. It’s called 11 Powerful Lessons Yoga Has Taught Me. And that pretty much sums up what it’s about!

Read it here and please Like it, Tweet it, share it on your own Facebook profiles or email it around… I will love you forever!

I never usually ask for this so let me explain my intention. The reason I’ve started writing for this very respected and widely read platform is that I am trying to get my name out there in the yogi / mindfulness / healing community. The reason for which, if you haven’t heard me banging on about it already (!) is that my ultimate dream is to build a community of Healers and those seeking healing – The Healing Network – which currently lives as a wee Facebook Page. If you haven’t Liked that yet either, then please feel free!

The ultimate goal is to have a fully functional online platform that serves as a way for Healers from all corners of the earth to promote their work – work which I believe is extremely valuable and needed in the world today. I’ve met many such gifted people on my travels (as well as at home) and the reality is they usually make very little money, are undervalued because of a lack of understanding of non-medical / ‘Western’ approaches to health and wellbeing, and many also don’t have a clue about the internet!

That’s where I come in! I worked in digital and social media for five years and although I didn’t much like it, I feel it’s given me the skills I need to now put them to ‘good’ use. For me, that is promoting and sharing the work of alternative healing therapists and experts in ‘holistic’ healing. That can be anything from massage to Reiki, to yoga and mindfulness, to Feldenkrais, acupuncture, shiatsu… the list goes on. If it’s truly healing, then I want to share it.

And, I want YOU to find it! And to experience it! To my knowledge nothing exists like this that provides a one-stop-shop to search for, find and experience truly quality healing for mind, body and spirit.

Although this platform will grow via online recommendation and word-of-mouth (using ratings and reviews – a sort of TripAdvisor model) this is NOT going to be about luxury spa experiences and high street massages. It will be niche. It will be the creme de la creme of healing, celebrating and promoting people who, via recommendation (mine and others in the community) can really heal – whether that’s on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level…it doesn’t matter. But the world needs more healing. And I want to help!

If you want to help me to help others, then for now, you can do these small things for me:

1. Read / share / like etc. this article on Elephant Journal

2. Like The Healing Network page on Facebook – and spread the loving, healing vibes far and wide!

Of course, please don’t feel obliged to do any of that! But if you don’t ask you don’t get, right? ;)

THANK YOU and namaste x

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