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While on this healing journey I am trying a lot of different therapies, through which I’ve met some very interesting and powerful healers. The first was in Goa during the yoga retreat I went on in January, which is where this chapter of my healing story really began. So, quite appropriately, my first in a series of ‘Interview with a Healer’ blog posts is with Judit,  ‘thereuptic masseuse’. (But she’s much, much more than that, which you will start to understand if you read on…)

Judit, originally from Spain but now residing mostly in India, first studied massage and beauty therapy in Barcelona at the age of 16. She now has 17 years of experience and training as a practitioner, during which she trained in California Massage and Reiki at the Kinetena Institute in Barcelona, and many other healing and massage techniques worldwide including in Ibiza, Madrid, Ireland (at the Nuala Woulfe Spa) and New Zealand.

My first massage with Judit was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had during a bodywork treatment. In fact, it was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had, ever. So when I came back to Goa in March I had to track her down for another appointment. It was well worth it, not just for the second massage, but also for getting to know her better and learning more about her life, which has inspired me lots on a personal level. Judit has an amazing energy – warm, open, vivacious and full of life – and her stories are fascinating. So, of course I was delighted that she was happy for me to interview her for Healing Beauty, which we did sat cross legged on the floor of a beachside café on Ashvem beach in Goa, while eating delicious food, chatting and laughing.

judith healing massage goa

judit massage goa

judit healing masseuse goa

So, clearly we had fun! More importantly though, this is what I learnt…

HB: How would you describe your work in one or two sentences?

J:  As a unique massage… erm… “therapeutic healing massage”? I normally say I’m a therapist but it’s not just massage. What I do is beyond massage…

I knew this would be difficult, as anyone who works with healing and energy has trouble describing their work in my experience. So I asked her to tell me what she’d say to a new client if they asked about her massage technique and style of treatment.

J: I studied many techniques for seventeen years but what I really do now is connect with the person and their energy, and talk with the muscles.  For the first twenty minutes I use Californian massage to relax the nervous system, and balance mind and body. When this happens the person can let go and relax. The mind enters into Alpha state where the healing starts to happen. Then I can work deeper in the physical level without pain; but I can also go into different levels of the body (physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual). Then, energy starts to flow.

HB:  Can you describe what happens when you are working with energy at this deep level?

J:  Sometimes people say they feel I have four to six hands… They see lights… They feel energy moving through the body… They see visions… But it’s different for everybody and every treatment is different. The person always receives whatever they need to receive in that moment. Your experience can go from a very physical treatment to…beyond words. I don’t choose anything; it just happens.

HB:  How do you explain the emotional and spiritual experiences that can be experienced during your massages?

J: [By working at this deep level] I can remove trauma from the body coming from muscular memory, cellular memory and energetic memory. [This is because] all our emotions, traumas and karma are stored in our body in muscular, cellular and DNA memory.

At this point Judit pauses and explains that she is a bit reluctant to share too much about what happens during the massages, as usually when clients have expectations of a huge emotional or spiritual experience, they don’t end up getting it.

J:  People who come to me with this expectation usually don’t experience it. Because they don’t let go. If you come with the intention of making it happen, you are already controlling too much.

I have clients who come every week and every massage is different. It depends as well how open you are to receive. I don’t manage my massages. I never know what will happen. It’s the energy of the person and the Universe’s energy that tells me what to do.

HB: How did you become interested in massage and healing in general?

J:  Since I was a child I was sensitive to energies – feeling angels, feeling the energies of the places around me… the sand, the sea. I felt energies in my hands… I used to play with it [she gestures like she is moving a ball of energy around]. My parents told me that when I was four or five years old, when they had pain, without them telling me, I would put my hands on them and start massaging the area. It was the same on the school bus…

When I was 13 or 14 I learnt about Reiki energy and started to play with it [without having studied it]. When I was 16 I already knew I wanted to be a therapist and heal people so I started to study. At 17 I started to work in massage.

In 2002 I studied California Massage at the Kinetena Institute in Barcelona and that became the base of my massage (although if I feel the person needs something else, I adapt).  Californian massage is based on Asian techniques that the hippies in the ‘60s took and adapted. It relaxes the nervous system and balances the chakras to allow energy to move freely around the body. When the nervous system drops, the mind drops, and body drops, so everything is open to receive healing.

I was working with healing energy at this time but could not put a name to it so I studied Reiki in 2004.  But I found it wasn’t enough. So then I returned to my original energy… I call it “universal energy”.

I’ve studied and worked in many places – Barcelona, Ibiza, Madrid, Ireland… Then I went to New Zealand to study yoga therapeutic training with Donna Farhi, Narelle Quintan, Lisa Peterson and Marcia Monroe. The knowledge that this course gave me made me understand the body so much more – from a cellular level, learning about liquid, organ support and skeletal-muscular support, as well as working at energetic and spiritual levels. Through this course, my massages went to another level.

HB:  Why do you live in India?

J:  Because, to really live in Europe I have to work my ass off for nothing and I cannot work like that with my body anymore. My treatments now are two hours. I need that time to go beyond the physical level. So I started to travel and I realised I can live in India doing two or three massages a day and live like a queen!

Also… when I was 13 I had this dream about a boy. He had a cow beside him and a wooden carriage and behind there were rice fields. I felt this child was in true, authentic bliss. It stayed in my mind for months after… Then in 2002 I was practicing Chi Gong and this image came to my mind again with this same feeling of bliss, and a voice inside told me: “this child is you and this place is India”. It took me eight years to learn English and earn the money I needed to go. I have never left.

HB:  What is your interpretation of energy?

J:  Energy is vibration that can be transformed to light and sound. The creation of the universe is vibration. God to me is universal energy – the energy of Creation. I call on this to help me with the treatments.

HB:  What other healing treatments do you recommend?

J:  I practice chi gong, yoga, and meditation and I receive massage, osteopathy, and energy work. But all healing work is good. It depends on the person… you need to find what works for you.

HB:  What are your ambitions for your work in the future?

J:  Since I was a kid I felt I could put my hands on somebody’s pain and heal them. So, somehow, deep inside me, I am going there... That is my intention: to heal without treatment, but with intention.



Judit is coming to London soon to give her transformative California massages!

Appointments are available between 23rd April – 16th May 10am – 7pm (times can be flexible). 

Full details on Facebook.

Contact Judit directly for appointments by email: to book!

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  1. I know Judit personally, I feel blessed to count her among my very good friends, my sister even. She is a very amazing woman and dong a great job. If you are lucky enough to meet her she can help you in many ways. Love to you all.

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