Liz Earle Giveaway: the Winners!


So, I have picked the 2 winners of my Liz Earle Botanical Shine haircare giveaway! It wasn’t easy as I was overwhelmed by the number of entries (32) and the quality of all the hair tips was amazing.

But my two favourites (verified by an independent judge) are:

1. Fiona‘s tip about stimulating blood flow with a scalp massage using natural oils

My top tip has to be to go back to the roots. A healthy scalp produces healthy hair, and nothing beats a scalp massage to treat and stimulate… I buy tubs of coconut oil from my local chemist, stand them in warm water to liquify the contents, then add drops of essential oils. Remove the tub from the water bath, mix, then allow to cool and solidify. Use a generous amount for a pre-shampoo scalp massage. Select essential oils according to your desired effects – my favourites include lavender, chamomile, neroli and rose. I have also made this for my mum using tea-tree – she swears by it for clearing the irritation and flakiness caused by psoriasis.

2. Becky D‘s tip to use emu oil as a nourishing conditioning treatment – and to lay off the hairdryer

Ok, so top tip…hmmm… I have very long hair and sometimes it can get quite dry on the ends. I cannot CANNOT recommend Emu oil more to anyone -it’s universally fabulous. For my length hair I used about a tablespoon and worked it into the mid-lengths and ends of my hair. clip up (cling film if you can) and if at all possible…leave on over night (towel on pillow idea from previous comment always a good idea for any overnight hair treatments…). Next day, wash as usual and honestly, the softest hair with the healthiest of shines

Another thing that’s good to do, if you can…just don’t use a hairdryer (period for some but for me…have to at some point otherwise it’s like I’m the pink panther after he goes through the tumble dryer…) until the next morning. Plait hair and wake up next morning, QUICK run through with a good brush and the dryer and uber soft hair again

Ladies, I’ve emailed you to get your details :) (Fiona, yours is already ordered).

I’d like to thank everybody who entered for taking the time to give such great tips – I’ve found them all very helpful and will no doubt incorporate many into my haircare routine. I’d recommend everyone reading them if you haven’t yet :) I may even do a follow up post showcasing some of the really good ones as I found them so interesting.

For everyone who didn’t win this time, don’t worry, I am going to have another giveaway very!soon with some more beautiful natural products. So stay tuned for that! Xxx

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2 thoughts on “Liz Earle Giveaway: the Winners!

  1. Hi there!

    Just a quick message to say my FABULOUS prize for normal hair arrived yesterday afternoon, I could not resist on opening the package and had to take a smell of the shampoo and conditioner set….jsut the most divine smell for a shampoo and conditioner set I have ever smelt!!

    Honestly, if it wasn’t for the fact that they had shampoo printed on one and conditioner printed on the other -it would be easy to mistake the smell for a tube of massage oils or something, just gorgeous!

    Finally got home and with just enough energy left to have a shower I immediately tried the products. Ladies, I have to say -this stuff is good. It smells even better when you’re in the shower and as for the results -you can literally feel your hair sucking up all the goodness from the conditioner after shampooing…

    Having managed to avoid going through the whole process agin just for the scent, I left my hair wrapped in a towel for as long as I could (4 hours to be precise!). VERY quick whizz through with the hairdryer and I have toi say -just the shiniest I have seen my hair since having it coloured many years ago! It smells amazing still and there is a sort of natural bounce to it -jcan’t explain, just looks uber healthy…

    Thank you, I do feel smug winning such a treat and I urge you all to acquire some yourself!

    LOVE IT!


    ps: on another note, have bought Beth Gagnon’s “The Gel” and more honesty for you: it works; simple as! [Was also told that it works best with clingfilm over the top to stop it drying out -you will get odd looks at night time if you share your bed but please ignore these and persist -totally worth it :-)]

    1. Ahhhhh, thanks Becky! So glad you love the products (both of them!) It’s so wonderful to have found a lovely smelling, natural shampoo and conditioner that actually works! And the Gel, well that’s just magic :) xx

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