WIN!! Liz Earle Botanical Shine Haircare Giveaway

Woop woop! It’s competition time!!

I’m sure you’re as excited as I am about the recent launch of Liz Earle’s new haircare range, Botanical Shine shampoo and conditioner, which hit Liz Earle’s stores last week on 2nd September and John Lewis on 6th September. I’ve already personally had the pleasure of trying these products and loved them (read my review here) so have decided to give two of my lovely readers the chance to win a set of shampoo and conditioner!  (Can you tell by all the exclamation marks how excited I am by the way?!)

All you have to do to enter this fantabulous competition is the following (listen carefully):

1. Follow my blog using the ‘Google Friend Connect’ box on the right (if you already follow you can skip to the next step!)

2. Write a comment in the comments section below this post telling me your top tip for great looking hair… (the hair on your head that is). Make sure to enter a valid email address when commenting as winners will be notified by email.

That’s it. So get entering!

Up for grabs is 1 of 2 sets of Liz Earle shampoo and conditioner. You may choose your conditioner from the 3 different types avaiable – for oily, normal or dry/damaged hair.  Once you have chosen I will purchase it and send it straight to you. The competition will close on Friday 17th September at 17:00 GMT and is valid for UK residents only (sorry to any international readers).

liz earle haircare

liz earle haircare

The Small Print

Closing date for the competition is Friday 17th September at 17:00 GMT

Entry is for UK residents only (due to shipping costs elsewhere – sorry to any international readers!).

Winners will be notified via email so please make sure you leave valid email in comments box (I will use it for notifying the winner and for no other reason).

I will select the winners myself based on the best hair tips given in the comments. If there are an abundance of fabulous comments, I may use to select the two winners from the best, valid entries.


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34 thoughts on “WIN!! Liz Earle Botanical Shine Haircare Giveaway

  1. Here is my tip. If you want to have shiny and soft hair, just rinse then with small amount of vinegar mixed with water. Keep it on hair and let it dry on air.

  2. My top tip is to give my hair a rest at least once a week from using styling products & equipment – I deep-condition my hair after washing then rinse & let it dry naturally – you can put it up if you don’t like how it looks when it’s dry.

  3. My tip is pretty basic and anyone can do it. Just make sure you eat a good diet with plenty of omega oils (fish, nuts, seeds, avocado etc) and with no effort at all you’ll find you hair is stronger, healthly and super shiny.

  4. It may sound a bit bizarre, but really works!
    If you’ve coloured your hair, and the effect is too strong – rinse it in Coca-Cola and it will strip away some of the colour.

  5. When I wash your hair, leave it at least five minutes with shampoo on. It will really soften your hair and it will shine much more.

  6. For blonde hair rinse it after shampooing with camomile tea. Can vouch it works, I used to rinse my baby son’s hair with camomile tea for several months to cure his cradle cap, and his dark hair turned blond. It looked most curious, as both my hubby and I have dark hair.

  7. Whenever possible try and avoid blow drying. It frazzles your hair (well it does mine anyway) so whenever I can I leave it to dry au natural, that’s after rinsing with a blast of icey cold water. :)

  8. Alternating my shampoo and conditioner each wash keeps my hair really shiny, also once in a while I skip the conditioner and wash twice with shampoo to prevent build up of conditioner residues. I’m another fan of the tangle teaser – pain free detangling for long knotty hair – wish it had been invented when I was a kid, I used to hate having my hair brushed.

  9. Some great tips already, here’s mine: Give up your straighteners! Frying your hair on a regular basis is NOT good for it! That goes for the sun too – there are plenty of UV protection hair products available.

  10. My top tips are:

    * Go dark! Dark hair reflects more light than blond and looks more shiny

    * Massage your head while lathering up your shampoo, this will help to stimulate blood flow to your scalp and keep it looking and feeling healthy

    * Cold water rinse – if you can bear it, brrr!

    * And finally, if all else fails fake it. My favourite hair product is Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum – it’s a lovely non-greasy serum that smells divine and leaves hair looking shiny and feeling soft.

    Ellie x

  11. Hi! My tip is use a wide tooth comb when rinsing out your conditioner….it saving lots of breakage when trying to detangle afterwards. I also use a dry shampoo every 2nd day so I don’t wash my hair so much…saving on the damage! Great giveaway hun! xxxx

  12. use a clarifying shampoo once a week (or vosene medicated shampoo according to my hairdresser!) to get rid of the build up of styling products. Leaves your hair feeling softer and cleaner

  13. My tip is to use a Tangle Teaser brush, they’re fabulous for wet hair – no snags, pulls or breakage and I also think they massage your scalp and make your hair grow.

  14. Don’t forget to keep your hair brushes clean too! Regularly remove hair from them and take them into the shower with you at least once a week and wash your brush as well as your hair with shampoo!

  15. The key to soft and manageable hair is to rinse your hair with Bragg’s apple cider vinegar after shampoo. Mix 1/3 of apple cider vinegar with 1 qt. of water. Run your fingers through your hair to detangle when you rinse it. If you’re put off by the smell, just apply any lovely smelling organic hair oil.   

  16. Have a haircut that suits your hair type as well as your face. Occasionally change your shampoo for a short period as hair seems to get used to the product you use and the products seems to get less effective.

  17. Invest in a good hairdresser – a good cut and style makes all the difference and worth the extra money.

  18. My top tip has to be to go back to the roots. A healthy scalp produces healthy hair, and nothing beats a scalp massage to treat and stimulate… I buy tubs of coconut oil from my local chemist, stand them in warm water to liquify the contents, then add drops of essential oils. Remove the tub from the water bath, mix, then allow to cool and solidify. Use a generous amount for a pre-shampoo scalp massage. Select essential oils according to your desired effects – my favourites include lavender, chamomile, neroli and rose. I have also made this for my mum using tea-tree – she swears by it for clearing the irritation and flakiness caused by psoriasis.

  19. Choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Also change shampoos every couple of months, and always rinse your hair in cold water.

  20. Found you via BigFashionista. I love love love Liz Earle not had the chance to try the hair products yet.

    Anyway my simple, cheap and natural top tip. Give you hair a brush through before shampooing. I helps remove build up and flaky scalp. Something so easy to do and it’s free! It also promotes blood flow which helps your hair to grow and makes you feel yummy.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog x

  21. Very excited by potential of winning the opportunity to try new “natural” haircare range!

    Ok, so top tip…hmmm… I have very long hair and sometimes it can get quite dry on the ends. I cannot CANNOT recommend Emu oil more to anyone -it’s universally fabulous. For my length hair I used about a tablespoon and worked it into the mid-lengths and ends of my hair. clip up (cling film if you can) and if at all possible…leave on over night (towel on pillow idea from previous comment always a good idea for any overnight hair treatments…). Next day, wash as usual and honestly, the softest hair with the healthiest of shines :-)

    Another thing that’s good to do, if you can…just don’t use a hairdryer (period for some but fo rme…have to at some point otherwise it’s like I’m the pink panther after he goes through the tumble dryer…) until the next morning. Plait hair and wake up next morning, QUICK run through with a good brush and the dryer and uber soft hair again :-)

    Ummm…that’s it. Nothing major but it works for me!

    …loving this blog, found it after googling for The Gel…next thing to buy after pay day at the end of the month!!


  22. Lol firstly I laughed when I saw you specify hair on your head, crazy world that it is, possibly a good thing you did.
    Homemade hair mask is a great tip for shiny hair.
    My favourite mask is eight strawberries with a tablespoon of mayonnaise. Mash together.
    Wash hair, then apply mask, wait five minutes, then wash out. It makes my hair really gloosy and silky smooth.

  23. My tip is to rub olive or almond oil into your hair (concentrating on the ends of your hair), cover your hair with clingfilm and leave overnight! It sounds mad but the next morning, wash your hair and it will be super smooth and feel luscious.

  24. My top tip – I know it’s a bit extreme! – is to get pregnant. My hair has never looked so thick, shiny and healthy as when I was pregnant. Now baby’s here though, my top tip would be to keep hair short – baby can’t tug at it, and it’s quick and easy to keep it looking good!

  25. My top top tip is Zinc tablets, Zinc is natures tissue repair including your hair!
    Followed by and intensive care once a week. Like any part of your body it needs TLC. I soak in a mix of honey, olive oil and lemon juice for 1 hour or over-night. Use a drop of patchouli oil for a great scent!
    It feels quite stiff, but when you wash it oh my great hair :) x

  26. My top tip for great looking hair would be COLD WATER!
    After washing your hair rinse well with cold water, this gives your hair extra shine. The cold water smoothes the cuticles down leaving you with glossy sparkly locks :)

    Thanks for the comp :) x

  27. I love Liz Earle products. I’d agree that cleanse & polish is an essential item to have in your wash bag!
    I’d really like to try out the haircare.

    My best advice for keeping hair nice is to rinse out your conditioner with warm water then rinse your hair with cooler water before finishing (this helps if you have fine hair like me). Also tilt your hair forwards and clap your hand together holding a towel to towel dry hair rather than rubbing it too much. THEN detangle with a nice big paddle brush (so much less painful than a small brush!) Oooh and brush hair forwards with your paddle brush when drying to get good volume and a tidy ‘bob’ with next to no effort.

    Fab blog btw. It’s so much better to get real peoples opinions on products rather then the generic reviews given by magazines!


  28. As an avid Liz Earle user, I am soooooo excited by the launch of the haircare range, especially after reading the great reviews!

    My top hair tip is to use a dry shampoo between washes – not only does it keep your hair looking refreshed, but it is also great for adding body and creating that oh so chic bed head look!

    I have tired loads but really recommend the Toni & Guy dry shampoo avaliable from Boots – much better than Baptiste (which no amount of rubbing will stop it making my brunette hair look grey – even the brunette variety!).

    Coupled with this, I use Ojon Restorative Hairsray, which feels like it is breathing some life back in to my hair between washes.

    Can’t wait to try the new Liz Earle range!!! Will she be launching more hair products?

    C xxx

  29. My tip for hot looking hiar is never to use elastic hair ties, since I stopped using them and went for material/cotton bobble options the split ends in my hair have reduced no end.

    I would still choose the conditioner for dry hair though if I won because unfortunately I still can’t find a way to get over my straightening habit!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Thought you may like a male perspective on good looking hair. (a) try and keep it, which is often a huge fight against nature (b) common sense dictates that if you have a good diet are reasonably active, don’t smoke and wash, your hair will shine.

  31. Hi!
    I’m so desperate to try these, having just bought my first LE product last week (cleanse & polish) and loving it!

    My tip for dry flaky scalp is to do a hot oil treatment – massage on to scalp and leave it overnight with a towel on your pillow. In the morning wash it off by putting shampoo on your hair before water… and then wash again. Doing it once a week should calm it down within a few weeks.

    Thank you! x

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