Coming Home

And so, I begin another blog post with an apology for my absence. Or is that rather British of me? Did you notice? Did you miss me?! The world keeps on spinning, right? ;) I’m sure my often-niggling anxiety about not updating this blog is a dialogue that plays out in my head alone. Anyway, […]

Reflections in Rishikesh

After a challenging two and a half hour yoga class one morning in Rishikesh, I went up to the teacher to pay and thank him. He asked me where I was from. ‘England’, I said. ‘Welcome home’, he smiled. That somewhat sums up how I felt for the week I was in Rishikesh. After a month […]

Following My Heart

So, I did something slightly cray cray yesterday… I booked a flight back to India. I’ve been in Thailand for almost a month now and during that time I just haven’t felt the same as I did in India – not as motivated, not as energised, and not as inspired. I’m not saying I haven’t enjoyed […]

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