To India, with Love

I hope you were not an illusion, India; a figment of my imagination

I hope the image of you, in all your magnificent beauty, does not fade in my memory into other, worldly landscapes

I hope it was not through rose-tinted glasses I saw you, Sacred Land;

Heart Chakra, dusted in faded pink houses and white temples;

My heart, my home;

The centre of my Universe

I hope the magic I saw with you, India, which I know was real, will remain alive in my soul, forever

I hope the love I felt for myself, and for the dear friends, brothers, sisters, teachers and soul mates whom I played with on the Himalayan hills, will remain in my heart,


I hope my heart, which you opened, will never close again

I hope the love, the wholeness, the peace I felt at my innermost depths, remains inside me, always

I will keep You in my heart India, always, because you set me free. You made me whole. You made me happy

Because you are my one true soul mate:

The doorway to my true Self.

Could I Be more happy?!
Could I Be more happy?! (oh sorry, Friends joke!)
Beautiful times with amazing friends
Beautiful times with amazing friends
Finding teachers, sisters, brothers and soul mates. All who helped me on my journey
acro yoga play, india
Learning to play, to trust, and to love
Hula hooping in dharamkot, India
Seeing life in a new way for the first time. With a child’s eyes. Glistening with wonder, and unconditional love

Namaste x

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