Apologies for my absence…

…but I’ve been a busy lady recently! New job, moved house , holiday planning – lots of changes and lots going on. But normal service will resume soon (and when I say normal I hope to actually up the frequency of posting to at least twice a week). While I haven’t been writing I have been trialling lots of products, so plenty to share! I’m planning a series of posts on cleansers to kick off, plus a few other natural lovelies, and my thoughts on Moroccan Oil and the Clarisonic.

In the meantime, you can read some more of my ramblings on a new blog I’ve started if you so desire; it’s about social media, so a very different kettle of fish to this one. It might not be your bag at all but I just thought I’d let you know anyway. Let me know what you think.

And see you soon for more healing beauty!

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One thought on “Apologies for my absence…

  1. Why are you not updating your blog??? I am the regular reader of your articles and waiting for your new blog!!! Hope soon you update us!

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