Happy Hair Days

You may know that I have a thing about my hair; I’m a bit protective over it. It’s long and has been for years and I’ve spent a lot of time and effort over time on making it look nice. Whenever I go to the hairdresser I contemplate cutting inches off or asking for a big, chunky fringe, but the thought of seeing huge sections of my hair falling to the floor sends a shudder down my spine and I always end up opting for the safe ‘trim’ instead. My hair is also thick (although not as thick as it once was) and naturally wavy, plus I’ve coloured it numerous times over the years (yes, I went through the blonde highlights stage, big time), so it needs good quality haircare to keep it healthy looking.

For years I forked out for salon sold haircare ranges, which were full of chemicals, but did make my hair manageable and soft. Now though, since my blog began, I have been trying more natural alternatives and have been largely very impressed. My Liz Earle conditioner all gone, it was a stroke of luck that a friendly PR contacted me offering up the chance to try Happy Hair Days Rosemary & Mint shampoo and conditioner. £3.99 each for 300ml, this is for sure the best value range of ‘natural’ hair products I’ve seen.

Happy Hair Days Rosemary and Mint Shampoo
Happy Hair Days

The products aren’t completely natural but they are free from parabens, sodium laurel sulphate (SLS) or sodium laureth sulphate (SLES). The foaming ingredient in the shampoo is instead ammonium lauryl sulfate which scores a very respectable (non-toxic) 1 in the Cosmetic Database. I checked through the other ingredients too and they are all in the safe green zone, except for Cocamide DEA which scores a not too frightening 6. The Rosemary & Mint range contains, well, rosemary and mint oils, amongst others, and has a really delicious smell which is refreshing and zingy but not eye watering like some minty products can be.

The best thing about the shampoo is how well it foams! This foams just like a ‘normal’ shampoo, and if you’ve tried SLS free shampoos you’ll know what I mean. I haven’t tried loads of shampoos with alternative foaming agents, but the ones I have do require a significant amount of elbow grease to get them going, which, to be honest, is a bit too much like hard work before or after a hard day’s work. But this is easy. Wet hair, apply shampoo to head, lather, rinse, repeat. Like I told you…. normal! My only complaint with the shampoo is that it comes out a bit too freely, meaning I’ve only got a third of the bottle left, while the conditioner is still two-third’s full. It may sound rather anal but I like my hair cleaning products to deplete at equal rates.

The conditioner is not the richest I’ve ever tried but it is rich enough for my hair, leaving it soft but not weighed down in product or greasy. I don’t need to be too careful about avoiding the roots or leaving it in too long, which can be the case with ultra rich types. Bare in mind that this range, the Rosemary & Mint, is designed to thicken fine and even thinning hair, so it makes sense that the conditioner is not too heavy. I’d usually opt for a product designed for thick or damaged hair so I’m surprised that this suits me and leaves my hair perfectly moisturised.

When dried my hair feels just as I’m told it will – weightless while looking thicker and fuller. I find it dries naturally with no frizz or fly-aways and when blow-drying, is quick and easy to style, leaving me with a shiny, soft head of hair. This is no easy feat, so I am impressed! And for £3.99, seriously, how can you go wrong?

I can’t seem to find the Rosemary & Mint range online but there are others in the line on the Boots website. The whole line is stocked in selected Boots and Sainsbury’s stores too so have a hunt next time you’re there!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Hair Days

  1. I had fun reading your post. Me too I am a bit… oh it’s an understatement; I am over protective with my hair and cheers to that. I can definitely go on without a facial wash or a body lotion but not shampoo. Ok sew me but, hey, it’s my crowning glory, you can’t blame me. I wanted it to look great (straight, dark, bouncy and shinny) all the time. Upon reading your post, one thing that got my interest about the product is that you’ve mentioned “Paraben free”. I hate that chemical to the bones! I trust your instinct so I’m going to try it, after all it’s doesn’t cost that much. Thanks.

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