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Well, Christmas is nearly upon us and although I am not even CLOSE to having bought all my presents, I do have a few ideas up my sleeve for what would be some really lovely treats to find in my stocking this year! So if you’re still looking for stocking fillers or inexpensive gifts of the natural beauty variety, check out my stocking filler wish list below.

christmas Stockings

Lip balms make the perfect stocking filler – essential yet luxurious – and with so many brilliant natural brands around there’s plenty to choose from. One of a my recent favourites is Pai’s bergamot lip balm, which was given to me recently as an early Christmas present. It has a delicious citrusy smell and beautiful smooth texture – an absolute pleasure to apply. For more of my favourite natural lip balms, you can check out this post.

pai bergamot lip balm

One of my favourite natural brands available on the high street (Boots) is Naked Bodycare. I particularly like their hair products and they’d make ideal stocking fillers. These Naked Rescue Intensive Repair and Renew hair sachets are only £1.29 so a perfect cheap but cheerful stocking filler pressie. The conditioning treatment is really effective at softening dry hair – a perfect Boxing Day activity! Other Naked Bodycare hair goodies I like are their Frizz Fighter, good for taming frizzy hair and theirExtra Shiny Finishing Serum (£4.99), for adding a glossy finish to your party perfect hair. As party season takes a toll on your hair with all that blow drying and styling, Naked’s Heat Defender Protection Spray (£4.99) is another winner. Spray generously on wet hair before styling to protect hair from heat damage.

naked bodycare

Now for something more indulgent. Unfortunately my boyfriend is adverse to giving massages but if you are lucky enough to have a partner that will partake, The Green Grocery’s Warming Body Oil (£6.99) is a real treat. I’ve actually used this on the boy when he pulled a muscle in his back (am I too nice or what?!) and it smells divine – a peppery, spicy scent that’s very fitting for the season. It contains Black Pepper oil, Cinnamon oil and Patchouli oil.

The Green Grocery warming body oil

Also from The Green Grocery, whose products are all homemade and 100% organic by the way, are some delicious solid scents. I was sweetly sent Love Letter recently, a rose and jasmine scent which is a very light, pretty, floral fragrance. I’ve never used a solid scent before but I like it; being in balm formula means there’s no waste when you apply, plus you moisturise your skin as an added benefit and there’s no harsh alcohol or chemicals like in traditional perfumes. The packaging is lovely too with it’s light aluminium tin with pretty pink label in a cute black box (all recyclable). These scents will be a welcome surprise in any girl’s stocking.

the green grocery love letter scent

I know what will be taking up half of my stocking though (a tradition of my mum’s, I mean Father Christmas’) … a good old orange! Very healthy ;)


If I don’t speak to you before (and given my recent blogging track record I probably won’t) have a very happy Christmas! Oh and my number one New Year’s resolution is to blog more regularly.. Happy holidays! :)

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2 thoughts on “Natural Beauty Stocking Filler Ideas

  1. Lovely review thank you!
    I am very proud of the solid scent range, which takes about 3 weeks to make each batch. The new spray scents 100% organic and of the same scent as the solid range, are due out end of January. With body balms and scrubs to match.
    Thank you for your support of Organic beauty..Kindness Skye xx

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