Myroo Skincare Shea & Coconut Body Butter Review

myroo skincare body butter
myroo skincare body butter

If there’s one beauty product I really can’t live without (excluding makeup, obviously), it’s body lotion. I moisturise religiously after I shower and am a firm believer that keeping my skin nourished and hydrated will keep it looking young for as long as possible. Well, I can only hope!

I’m always on the lookout for a great body moisturiser. Generally I use Aveeno as it’s probably the most natural thing you can buy in Boots and works pretty well. I like my moisturiser to be on the richer side rather than light: not greasy, but I don’t mind it to take a little while to sink in if that means it’ll give the best, lasting hydration. I’m really partial to oils as well. I use emu oil everyday on my face and have been known to put it on my arms and legs too, but it’s far too expensive a habit to indulge in too often!

So, I was delighted when the creator of myroo skincare sent me some of her handmade shea & coconut body butter to try. The ingredients of all her products are 100% natural and handmade, she tells me. This body butter contains  shea butter fruit, cocus nucifera (coconut), sweet almond oil, corn starch, and tocopherol. This is exactly the kind of product I’ve been looking for – natural and full of really moisturising ingredients including my favourites, shea butter and coconut oil. So I was excited to try!

The packaging is really quirky with an old fashioned type clasp, like the kind on jars that you might keep sugar or flour in. I like that this makes the pot air-tight, keeping the product really fresh inside and gives it a really traditional feel which complements the pure ingredients inside. The pot is also plastic rather than glass which makes it lighter and better for travel.

shea & coconut body butter
shea & coconut body butter
shea & coconut body butter
shea & coconut body butter

Inside is a clean, white, mousse-like, but compact, cream, which melts into the skin with the consistency of an oil when applied. It smells very subtly of shea butter, which I love as I’m not a fan of overpowering smelling products and added perfume (‘parfum’) can irritate sensitive skin. When I first tried it I applied it quite liberally, like a regular body lotion, but you actually don’t need to slather it on. In fact it feels a bit greasy if you use too much – quite oily – which I personally like, but I don’t suppose it would be to everyone’s taste. Used more sparingly though, the product absorbs well. A little goes a long way.

I love this product and am definitely going to be using it on my post-holiday skin to try and keep my tan in tact for as long as possible! I would recommend this to anyone who loves a luxurious, nourishing body butter and especially if you’re looking for something natural. Even if you find the consistency too heavy or oily for an all-over body lotion, it would be great as a foot treatment or for elbows or knees that need a bit of extra tlc.

Check out the whole Myroo Skincare range here.

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  1. Thanks for the review, I’m so glad you enjoyed the body butter. The plastic jar is also recyclable, like all my packaging. x

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