Some really amazing stories I wanted to share about the Gel

I spent this bank holiday Monday helping my good friend Beth Gagnon sort through 25 years worth of hand written letters of thanks and testimonials on the Gel. Now I know I’ve already written about the Gel and gushed about its wondrous healing powers but I really want to share a few of these stories with you as they really blew me away.

the Gel, Gagnon Therapies
the Gel, Gagnon Therapies
  • My son had terrible burns on his hands – blisters the size of ping pong balls. He had slipped over at a friend’s house and landed straight onto a wood burning stove. He applied the Gel every day, two to three times a day, and three weeks later his hands are fully healed.

  • Prior to using the Gel I was experiencing broken blood vessels on my nose, general redness on the chin, nose and forehead, and a dark brown “liver-spot” on one cheek. Since using the Gel the broken blood vessels have healed, the redness is gone and the liver-spot has noticeably lightened. Thankfully I chose to disregard the doctor’s recommendation [that I had laser therapy] and instead applied your gel religiously. My skin has become far less sensitive and this enables me to use many other products without reaction.
  • I have been using a little of this product everyday for a couple of years now and it successfully keeps the psoriasis on my face in check. When the doctor gave me some vitamin E cream it just made it worse but the Gel soothed it away again in a few days.
  • I just completed my cancer treatment that consisted of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy and radiation. During my treatment I used your Gel every day. It made an enormous difference. After my mastectomy the Gel really helped my incisions heal and eased the pain in my port. Now the scars are healing beautifully.
  • I have a condition called PMLE (Polymorphous light eruption) which means I sunburn really easily, usually accompanied by swelling. I got really badly burned recently and my face went very red and started swelling. When I got home I put on the Gel and by the next morning the redness was all gone and the swelling vastly diminished. I was amazed because the burn usually lasts for a week or more.

  • My friend’s baby burned his foot so she applied the Gel and he immediately stopped crying – amazing.

I’m helping Beth to pull these together for her website which is getting rebuilt by a friend of mine (it’s very old and non-functional at the moment). I also want to help her do some PR at some point soon. Whilst the Gel has been selling itself for 25 years by word of mouth, it feels like it’s time to take it to the masses! (Or at least a few beauty editors, then we’ll see what happens!) Watch this space…

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  1. I wish to purchase The Gel. Have sent an email to Beth, but have no reply. I am in Australia. Help, please.

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