Gielly Green salon review: Wahanda special

If you’re not already signed up to Wahanda I urge you to. Right now! The deals are fantastic! If you don’t yet know about it, it’s a website which offers a daily deal on spa, hair and beauty treatments, partnering with a range of salons and spas across the UK (including London, Manchester and Birmingham).  And when I say discount you’re looking at 40, 50, 60, even 80% off, so it’s well worth checking out.

Gielly Green hair and beauty Salon
Gielly Green Salon

I was seduced by a recent offer of a haircut and blow-dry AND a full hour-long manicure at a central London salon for only £35. Bargainous! Plus I was due a haircut (it had been at least six months) so I reached for my card and starting entering in my details quick smart.

When I called up the salon the next day, called Gielly Green in George Street (just off Marylebone High Street in W1), I was pleasantly surprised to hear they could fit me in that very Friday for my hair cut and manicure (which would be done simultaneously). Sometimes with these voucher type deals you find when coming to book you’re tied into inconvenient off-peak hours – but this suited me just perfectly.

Everything about the experience was fantastic. I’d give the salon a 10/10 for pretty much all aspects. The people were lovely – all three women (my hairdresser, manicurist and the woman who washed my hair) were extremely friendly and professional. The place had a really stylish and relaxing feel inside too – rich brown leather seating and neutral walls. But the crème de la crème had to be the fully reclining padded leather chairs which you sit in, no sorry, LIE in, to have your hair washed! I’ve never been to a salon with such comfortable hair washing facilities. I could have fallen asleep on there!

The wash and head massage was fabulous (isn’t that the real reason we go to get our hair cut anyway – for the massage?) and the woman really supported my head when moving it from side to side to wash the underneath. There’s nothing worse than getting your hair washed by someone who expects you to do the maneuvering for them; from that angle it can be a real strain on your neck.

I’m really pleased with my hair cut. I asked for just a trim and a few more layers and that’s what I got. No “I’ll just take an inch off then”, inch being in huge inverted commas; she really did what I asked and it looks really healthy whilst keeping the length I wanted.

Gielly Green manicure
Gielly Green manicure with Essie

The manicure was definitely the best I’ve ever had. Now I don’t get them often so perhaps I’m not the best judge but she really did it all. The cuticle oil and trimming, filing with about 5 different kinds of file, soaking in warm water, buffing, even a hand massage… Then undercoat, two coats of a lovely pastel turquoise Essie shade I picked out, then top coat. They look perfect!

Another big plus point for me was that Gielly Green has developed its own product range which I was told is organic. I didn’t get to check out the ingredients but they say the range will be up on their website soon so I’ll be checking back. My hairdresser said they don’t use sodium lauryl sulfate in their formulations so that’s a plus (it’s an irritant – not good for sensitive skin). Whatever they used on me smelt great and my hair feels well conditioned so I’ll definitely keep it on my radar.

Overall I’d really recommend Gielly Green for a really professional, friendly service and top quality treatments. Plus it’s a lovely location being right in the heart of Marylebone – you’re sure to find a great place for coffee or a boutique shop to browse in afterwards!

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