New Beginnings

It’s certainly been quite a while since I last blogged on here. In fact, as life took me  off course from Healing Beauty over the past few years, I wasn’t sure that I would again. Perhaps though, renewing the domain name each year was on some level my small commitment to the possibility that I […]

What is Healing Beauty?

I had an email from a reader recently asking, amongst other things, my reason for blogging about Aveeno products when they aren’t completely natural or organic. A very fair question which lends itself to something I’ve been thinking about recently: what is Healing Beauty? When I started this blog my primary intention was to track […]

Happy (Belated) Birthday Blog!

Being the neglectful and inattentive blog mother that I am, I forgot my poor little one’s birthday this year. And it was an important birthday too – a big milestone in its young life. Healing Beauty turned one on 22nd April. If I sound a little dispirited it’s because it’s with a twinge of guilt […]